Miharu MC18B



IPL & E-Light Combination Laser Machine
Permanent Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation!

Removes Unwanted hair, speckles, age spot, sun induced freckles, red blood streak, bottle-nose, erythematic, wrinkles, acne, scar, low skin elasticity, crassitude pore and a lot more other skin problems.


E-Light of magnetic wave=light the facial cooling. It is the new generation of the beatify treatment machine that combined the two major functions of transmission of electromagnetic waves and pulse ray. It is different from the laser or other light treatment that its cardinal work is the use of pulse ray of multi-wavelength and transmission of electromagnetic waves absorbed by pathological tissues. Then converted the electromagnetic energy into light and heat energy, and stimulates the activation collagen mother cells to make the skin rearrange, collagen albumen reproduce and the grain of skin rebuild. At the same time it can improve the bulky pore, so as to reach the effect if tightening skin from inner to exterior. Improving not equality color of skin and make your skin return young.


  • Effectively cure facial redness (dilation of capillary vessel), remove facial redness.
  • Effectively contract pore, remove or alleviate tumefaction and scar.
  • Increase thickness of skin collagen and restore skin elasticity.
  • Furthest clean or reduce freckle, age pigment and other kinds of pigment precipitation etc.
  • Furthest clean or alleviate the pigment precipitation caused by suntan to whiten skin.
  • Smoothen fine wrinkle or alleviate facial shrinks and dark eye rim.
  • Improve the pigment precipitation caused by the traditional therapy, and meliorate minor skin pathological change.
  • On non-facial skin: whiten body skin.
  • Skin tendering can be achieved in combination with other cosmetology methods.
  • Remove or restrain excessive hair growth.


  • Unique pigment identification procedure, super-ray filtration system, multiband alternative precision adjustable.
  • The imported sapphire light crystal, automatic controlling function ensure cold narcotic treatment without pain.
  • Luminous temperature of the body of window reach -4oC,eradicate reddish welling, blister etc.
  • Super thermolysis and an automatic temperature control system, the time of cure more durable, and work one day.
  • FIVE built-in modes including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, capillary and acne treatment.
  • CPC connector of instantly Plug and Play.
  • Modular Design of inner structure, easy to repair.

Special Specifications:

  • It nearly has no pain so that it does not need to smear any anaesthetic
  • it improves the qualitative of skin gradually
  • it has no destroy by using the theory of coagulate pigment
  • it almost does not appear the phenomenon of turning black
  • it is tiny scab and no seep liquid
  • you can wash your face and make up normally

The Function:

  • Hair removal
  • Acne clearance
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Vascular treatment.
  • Eliminate and smooth wrinkles treatment
  • Telangiectasis treatment
  • Shrink pores, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity and glossiness

Technical Parameters:

♦Wavelength cured red blood 480-1200nm    HR 640-1200nm   SR 530-1200nm
(Can buy 430—1200nm, 595-1200nm,695-1200nm)
♦Power supply AC220V±10%, 5A, 50Hz (Or 110V,50/60Hz)
♦Dimension 32m×50cm×60cm  
♦Package Size   43cm×60cm×75cm
♦First pulse 1-40MS  
♦Firs delay 1-15MS
♦Assistant pulse 1-40 MS ♦Assistant delay 1-15MS
♦Repeat pulse 1-10MS 
♦Repeat delay 1-15MS
♦pulse number 1-15 ♦Repeat frequency 1S,2S,3S
♦Spot size 10×40mm
♦Energy density 1-50J/CM2
♦Input power 1500W 
♦Net weight 28 KG

Package Included:

Aluminum box 43×60×75cm

  • 1 pcs Main Machine
  • 1 pcs IPL Handpiece
  • 2 pcs Protective Goggles
  • 1 pcs English manual/instruction


1.Israel Imported sapphire crystal makes treatment more effective and safer.

2. Multi-function hair removal, rejuvenation, freckle, cured red blood .

3. High power and good cooling system.

4. Anti-magnetic ABS case to protect other interruption form environment, making the treatment comfortable.

5. Adjustable cooling temperature, more comfortable and natural.

6. Three Cooling system water-cooling, air-cooling, Israel semiconductor refrigeration.

The range of treatment:

  • Everlasting hair removal removes unwanted hairs under arms, on legs, lips or other body part, etc.
  • Pigmentation treatment removes various kinds of pigment such as freckle, chloasma, aged spots, Sunburned.
  • Telangiectasis treatment treats angiotelec-tasis
  • Acne treatment papule, tuber, Blain, acne, etc.
  • Shrink pores, tighten skin, and improve skin elasticity and glossiness.

Features Specifications:

IPL beauty machine

  • 1)32×50×60cm
  • 2)mini
  • 3)tabletop/ portable